After a few years of moving, hustle and bustle and misadventures, we have grown in the desire to stop in a place that we can call and feel home, to cancel the distances, to enjoy the days. It was Christmas 2014 when we moved to live in Bazzano, a small village on the first hills of the Parma Apennines, with our daughters Anna and Vittoria and the dog Mina. You can breathe well here, there is a beautiful landscape, very green all around and many birds singing.

In 2015 we took a small piece of land (a little more than one hectare) just outside the village, just beyond the parish church, but at the same time far away, quiet, with trees and blackberry brambles to keep it embraced. A place full of energy and rare silence. How precious is this silence that allows thoughts to be heard! All that peace has bewitched us and, around it, we have spoken, discussed, hypothesized, studied and planned a new life.

“We want to try the way of agriculture”, we said to ourselves considering all the benefits that would come from it for us as individuals and for us as a family.

In the spring of 2016, we took to the field and started transplanting tiny organic cuttings of lavender and lavandin. We continued in the following weeks with the fence and the preparation of the vegetable garden; at the end of August with the planting of the bulbs of Crocus Sativus L

I told you about it in a few lines, but they have been really intense months, of enthusiasm, physical and emotional fatigue, mistakes, rethinking, satisfaction, so much happiness, and so much fear, but always convinced in our hearts that at least the direction was the right one for us.

We have learned and experienced how much Nature is our companion, friend and generous teacher. Saffron is good and first class quality and the field of lavender is full of butterflies, bees and perfume.

So two years have passed and then finally came the magical July 2018!
Between hard work and sleepless nights, we started asking ourselves questions about the past, present, and future… triggering the storm before the quiet.
We started making considerations about everything!
Then the storm ended when we realized that in these years, although beautiful, we had put in the drawer the most sensitive and creative part of us, worrying too much only about the concrete aspect of the work.

Are we farmers? We are what we are and we must maintain it in every moment of our lives.

Entering our field not only as people who work the land, but who also look at it with wonder in the heart, poetry in the ears, curiosity in the eyes and perceive the Art, Nature and feeling them mixed in the sounds, colors and shapes of what surrounds us, allows us to live an extraordinary experience of everyday life that we will never give up … So, now, everything is finally clear.

We are what we are and we must maintain it in every moment of our lives.