We live in a place where Nature still surrounds us, but we are aware of the ecological crisis that unfortunately threatens the future of our planet and, consequently, of the next generations who will live there.

Aware that any of our actions may affect the fragility of this complex system in which we live, we try to pay close attention and care in all our daily choices, as a family and as a farm.

We are far from perfection and we realize that much can still be improved, but in this road taken we will only go forward! Every day we learn, together with our daughters, that loving Nature (the World) also means respecting it.

We use small photovoltaic panels, we collect rainwater, we regenerate organic waste thanks to earthworms that give us back a precious soil and we are experimenting with low water consumption and closed-loop systems (such as aquaponics).

We have read a lot and we continue to read about the different approaches to agriculture: the biodynamics of Steiner, the natural of Fukuoka, permaculture… then, what we like most and we feel in our ropes, we experience in the field

All this study and research has for us the aim of improving soil fertility, enriching soil biodiversity and, consequently, obtaining healthy and good products for us and for the people close to us.

It is perhaps pointless to add that we do not use any chemicals!

We are for the most natural growth possible, that’s why we have decided to keep our crops in a small area, so that we can take care of every aspect personally and in the best possible way.

The result is precious: a limited and high quality production.