The experience box for a special dinner

A unique box for lovers of nature, art and good food.
Share it with those you love to create and experience a special moment, or give it as a gift for an important event!

120€ (VAT included) + 20€ for Shipping cost for Europe

2020 – New harvest is ready!


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The small wooden box, embellished with details that we have made personally, contains with care a wonderful 1g ampoule of our high quality saffron (with which you can prepare about 35 portions of risotto alla milanese) and other ingredients with which you’ll be able to organize a special event full of emotion.

Video and images (without any editing): here for you pieces of Nature, which always helps the clarity of our being and always embellishes any place; you can project them to accompany you during dinner.

An instant photograph: it is unique and captures a moment of the spectacle that we live daily; the landscape that surrounds us, full of meadows, forests, rolling hills and great skies, it also enriches our inner landscape.

We also send you our lavender flowers in a pois of pure cotton, they were born in an organic nursery and grown by us with the same method we use for Saffron: with much love and without any chemical product. These pois are so cute that they can also be used as decorations for the Christmas tree.

Your dinner will gather the gestures, love, flavors, fragrances, colors, words and will go beyond, turning into something extraordinary and sincere. We are the authors of the video and the photographs; we also personally take care of the label and the packaging. We have chosen elements that combine elegance and respect for the environment, such as glass, wood, cork, paper, cardboard, 100% cotton and hemp coloured with natural pigments. If you would like our saffron for you or as a special gift, maybe for Christmas, we will give you with great pleasure all the tips to fully enjoy it.


From the first harvest, we had the qualitative analysis of saffron carried out by the laboratory of the University of Mountains in Edolo (BS); it is a detachment of the University of Milano that follows, in the field of agriculture, the mountain producers. The result has told us that our saffron is of the first quality category.


Moreover, since July 2018, by applying to the Emilia Romagna Region, we have obtained the green light for the use of the optional quality indication “PRODOTTO DI MONTAGNA”(= MOUNTAIN PRODUCT). It is a brand that underlines the environment in which the product has been grown and processed: it intrinsically brings with it positive qualities.