The Saffron – Made in Italy


All the work related to obtaining saffron is completely manual and requires a lot of attention, delicacy and no delay in time: every day you have to complete what you started.
Harvesting takes place early in the morning, when the flowers are still closed: the purple petals act as a treasure box to the stigmas, delicate and of an intense red. Then we take them to our laboratory; one by one, we open them to separate the stigmas and dry them, at low temperature not to deplete the content of nutrients.
Saffron is very rich in carotenoids, in fact, among the many properties that characterize it, the antioxidant one stands out; vitamins and natural flavors help the metabolism and the digestion.
The drying process triggs some reactions that will determine the aroma, taste and colour of saffron; this is why it is necessary to patiently wait two months before tasting it, so that the organoleptic characteristics will be well stabilised and defined.

From the first harvest, we had the qualitative analysis of saffron carried out by the laboratory of the University of Mountains in Edolo (BS); it is a detachment of the University of Milano that follows, in the field of agriculture, the mountain producers. The result has told us that our saffron is of the first quality category.

Moreover, since July 2018, by applying to the Emilia Romagna Region, we have obtained the green light for the use of the optional quality indication “PRODOTTO DI MONTAGNA”(= mountain product). It is a brand that underlines the environment in which the product has been grown and processed: it intrinsically brings with it positive qualities.


We are on the first hills of Parma, where quality Parmigiano Reggiano is produced and Prosciutto di Parma is aged, in the Italian Food Valley, among excellences appreciated and sought after by tables all over the world.



Saffron in stigmas always needs an infusion time, whether in hot water, hot broth or hot milk, depending on your recipe. For the amount of liquid for the infusion take a coffee cup as a reference and remember, while cooking, that this will be added practically at the end of cooking. If you leave the stigmas whole (which you can perhaps also use to decorate the dish) it will take at least two or three hours, but if you first crumble them gently, the infusion can last just an hour. As far as the doses are concerned, it is all a matter of personal taste and chosen recipe. To give you a rough indication, I generally use 6/7 stigmas per serving, so that the saffron is tasted without overpowering the other ingredients, for the “risotto alla milanese I use 10/12 stigmas. After trying it for the first time, you will surely find the best way to dose it in your dishes, really the taste is a very personal matter.

For a Special Gift


We put our creativity and sensitivity in a luxury package with attention to detail, because we think that the container should be adequate to the content. If you want our saffron for you or as a special gift, maybe for Christmas, we will give you with great pleasure all the tips to fully enjoy it.

We care about nature and human beings and we feel the need to engage ourselves, also as a company, to a beautiful present.
We are sure that you will be happy to share with us the choice to donate 5% of the income of the Christmas sale to ManifatturaUrbana, a non-profit association, which carries out applied research on the city in order to create well-being for those who live there, dealing with social, environmental and economic sostenibility, and keeping Nature as a founding and regenerative element of its goal.

Thanks to the Universe, to all the Stars and to you 

for this wonderful adventure!!!

Francesca e Alessandro