Lavender Pois

These are our pois, a mix of lavender in pure cotton, a small object rich in scents and beautiful horizons.

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Thanks to you we will donate 5% of the Christmas sale to the Ass. No Profit Manifattura Urbana

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In 2016 we purchased, in a certified organic farm, cuttings of lavender and lavandin of different varieties.
In our lavender garden they continued their growth in a natural way, enjoying good soil and a privileged view of the surrounding hills.
At the beginning of the summer, when the lavender is in bloom, we pick it up, let it dry and shell it by hand, filling us with perfume!
Then we pack these beautiful pois: they are made of pure cotton and they can also be hung.
The dots are decorated with small details that we have made one by one by hand. Things made by hand and with care are always special and precious.
Every time you squeeze the pois, the perfume will be renewed.
And when this is over, you can use them as a pincushion or to decorate your Christmas tree.